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We know that for each individual ambition or goal your clients may have in life, there's a style of investing that's right for them. So that we can tailor the right investment solution for them, it's crucial we understand their financial circumstances and goals, time horizon and attitude to risk.

They may have a different time horizon for each goal, and may be willing to take more risk with one goal than with another.

Aberdeen Standard Capital can provide appropriate investment solutions across many potentially different goals, e.g. capital growth, investing for future generations and retirement.

Your clients:

  • may have successfully sold their business and find that they have financial freedom
  • might be thinking about providing for their children's/grandchildren's future
  • could be approaching/in retirement, and need to sustain a comfortable level of income
  • may also want to make sure they're leaving enough for their family

Different goals may mean different investment solutions

Financial goals can generally be divided into three categories:

  • aiming to grow wealth
  • aiming to preserve wealth
  • aiming to deliver a regular income

Some clients may wish to achieve a combination of these goals.

Clients aiming to grow their wealth are generally willing to accept a higher level of risk for a potentially higher expected level of return. Aberdeen Standard Capital offers a range of investment options for these clients, from volatility-managed portfolios targeting a specific return to more traditional investments in equities, bonds and property.

For some clients, the priority is to maintain the value of their existing wealth over other considerations such as growth. They may, therefore, prefer to avoid short-term fluctuations in the value of their portfolio. For these clients, a highly diversified, volatility-managed portfolio that targets a specific return may be suitable.

Clients may want to generate income within their portfolio through regular interest and dividends. We can select investments that we believe are likely to deliver a consistent level of income over their time horizon.

Clients may opt to take an income by drawing down regular amounts from their current wealth. Key to a sustainable outcome is ensuring that their portfolio aims to deliver consistent returns and low volatility, as clients often don't have the flexibility and time needed to ride out volatility in markets. In this instance, our highly diversified, volatility-managed portfolios can be tailored to help deliver clients' goals.

As with any investment, the value of your portfolio can go up or down, and may be worth less than your client paid in.